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  • Jeanelle Folkes

The BEST Way To Reach Me

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

It's been an ongoing battle with spam callers, which is why I implore you to leave a message if you have an inquiry for me or need my services. I get calls at all times throughout the day, and from all over the US (sometimes from other countries). The only way I'll know the difference between a client and a cold sales call is if you leave me a voicemail message. It's always been my general policy that if someone needs you to call them back, they'll leave a message with the info that you need to reach them. The cold callers and spam calls will never leave messages. But you can! This is now I'll know that you'll need me. Yes, I've had to start screening calls because there are sooooo many of them coming in. But please know that I will get back to you if you do leave a message.

If you call and don't reach me right away, it's a good chance that I could be in a meeting, working on edits without disruption, or doing someone else's session. I prefer not to interrupt any session by answering the phone on someone else's time, because that's simply inconsiderate. If a client has paid for my time, I cannot waste it. But once I see a message, I can pick up my phone and call you back once my hands are free again.

Need to reach me? Here's my number: (646) 883-8157 -- just be sure to leave a message so I can get back to you! You can also text me at that number. Either way, let me know your name, what services you're looking for, and if you have a preferred date or location, this way we can set something up. Looking forward to talking with you! #CallMe